First Few Sentences of “Wanderlust”

I’d like share the first few sentences of my newest work, Wanderlust. I don’t want to share the whole first chapter because I just don’t feel its ready or at it’s very best yet. In other words, I’m not ready for critiques. Thanks for reading, it’s a big help 🙂

1786, off the coast of Morocco

“All hands on deck!” Captain Williams screamed, the sound resonating through the entire ship. I jolted awake, hitting my head on wooden posted just above my bed. I say “bed”, but what I really mean is hammock. You see, I am currently aboard a ship. I prefer to call it a wooden death trap, though. Captain Williams like to call it “she”. The ship’s official name is Queen Elizabeth. I was dragged on this stupid ship by this random girl and was told I’d be paid, so go figure. I dragged myself from my hammock and made my way out of the sleeping quarters quietly. I slipped into the kitchen and was met with a smirk from my bestfriend, Finna. We were brought on this ship together and quickly became friends.

“You’re late, Mariana. Again” she said. I gave her a small, sheepish smile.

“Sorry Finna. I slept in. It won’t happen again” I told her, a smile on my face.

“I hope so. Captain Williams wouldn’t be happy if he knew Mariana” she continued.

I smiled again, going to the back and grabbing all the plates and utensils for the men. I set the table as quickly and quietly as I could. Suddenly, a loud clang came from outside. The breakfast bell.

*Again, thank you so much for reading, it really helps 🙂