Empire of Storms Book Review (Spoilers ahead, tread carefully)

(No spoilers in the first seven lines. After that, please proceed with caution)

I’d just like to start out and say just how much I loved this book. I had been hesitant because of all the hate Sarah had been getting regarding EOS and all the bad reviews.

Even so, I decided to delve in and was presently surprised to find just how much I loved this book.

My most anticipated fall release truly blew me out of the water.

The ending to this book was brutal and heart wrenching and the exact opposite ending you could expect for someone who has already suffered so much. Yet, it was also a little predictable. After all, there is still one more book in the series.

Sarah brought back so any old characters. So many. Gavriel, Illyias, Ansel, Rolfe. Hell, even Sam was mentioned, many times I might add.

I loved the small evolution of Aedion and Lysandra’s relationship. Also Dorian and Manan. Even Elide got a little lovin’.

Chapter 38 utterly wrecked me. Literally and utterly wrecked me.

We got to see a lot of Elena’s backstory and what happened to her during her battle with Erawen. We also found out who her mother was, which was interesting.

I loved seeing Elena and Nehemia’s first meeting and truly seeing how Nehemia knew she would not leave Adarlan alive. That she knew exactly who Aelin was the moment she met her.

Manon’s betrayal and her fight with her grandmother was absolutely epic. It has been long coming and I loved learning who she truly exactly was; the last crochan queen.

The ending has left me in shambles. Aelin’s last sacrifice, her and Rowan’s marriage and them being mates. Aedions reaction. Elide’s decision to go with The Thirteen. The only thing that would kill me further is if Aelin was pregnant.

I’d really like some more flashbacks with Rhoe, Evalin, Orlon and little Aelin and Aedion. I want more Marion and Cal.

I’d also love some young Dorian and Manon.

All in all, this book is an absolute masterpiece. SJM couldn’t have written a better book. I just can’t believe I have to wait another year for the last book in the series.

1,000,000 out of 10 stars. Read this book. Even is your hesitant. Do it. You won’t regret it.


Empire of Storms!

I got my signed and personalized copy of EOS by Sarah J. Maas yesterday and I couldnt be happier.

I’m so hype for this book, like you can’t imagine. Despite all the negative reviews. Despite all the hate on SJM.

Watch the video I made in defense of sarah on my youtube, ellenniarhos. The video is called Adressing The Sarah J Maas Hate.

I’ll keep you updated and will post a non spoilery review, as well as a spoilery one.

Enjoy! 🙂