Looking for a Beta Reader

If anyone would be at all interested, I’m looking for a few beta readers to help me better my writing. I have a second novel finished and would love some people to help me go through it. I’m also currently in the middle of two other novels and would love some feedback. Please feel free…

Mastery in the Hero Cover Reveal

Mastery in the Hero is my second book. I’m currently in the process of writing QOM, which is the sequel to MITH. I’m not very far, but I’m spending most of my time trying to figure out the ending or studying for exams, so writing QOM is not a priority.

Christmas Vacation To Do’s

I’m leaving on Thursday for a family Christmas vacation in Florida and I’m so excited! Unfortunately, I have a lot to do on vacation not only in my personal life, but for this blog. In my personal life: Edits for book #2 Write book #3 For this blog: Read and review Girl out of Water…

Current Read

I was recently approved by NetGalley for Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. As I’m going away to Florida for Christmas break, I’m spending my time finishing Wintersong (out Feb. 7th, 2017!). I am also aiming to start and hopefully¬†finish my review of it. I’m really enjoying it so for and loving the plot and characters.  

Exciting news!

This past summer, in July, I took a writing class called A Novel Idea that went from July 4th-July 30th. The goal for all the students enrolled was to complete a 50K novel by the 30th. I happily met that goal. I am happy to announce that A Novel Idea is working with Google+ to…