Making Progress!

Today I hit 20K on the reincarnation of a novel I’ve been working on since this time last year. It felt incredibly amazing to hit this part of my story and I really love where the story is going and who the characters are developing.

Now that I’ve got the majority of the story outlined and mapped out, I’m feeling great about the story. I’ll be posting a full synopsis soon and can’t wait to share it.

I’ve had this particular story in my head for over a year now and this is the second version of this story. I threw out the first version because it started to take a turn for the worst and I began to hate it. Nothing was working with the novel and I was getting frustrated. I decided to throw draft out and start fresh with new characters and a new setting. So far, it’s going extremely well. I am excited to see where exactly this new story goes. I have been able to dream up an ending, so hopefully some of my good friends can help me brainstorm 🙂