Working on a new book

I’ve begun work on a new WIP, currently titled ‘Hologram Queen’. It is a fantasy/dystopian set in a futuristic Imperial Russia-esc nation. I’m super into Imperial Russia and the conspiracy behind Grand Duchess Anastasia’s death and so I modeled my MC after her, just a little. Let me introduce you to my two MC’s!

First, we have Tsarevna Rhiannon, the lone survivor of her family’s brutal murder. She is about to ascend the throne of Velera as Empress. She is lonely, only surrounded my advisors and such. Her only solace are the three female attendants she is allowed just before her ascension. She becomes close to one, Evelyn, forming a fast friendship with her that blossoms into something more.

Next, we have Evelyn, the young and lonely attendant to soon-to-be Empress Rhiannon. She is intrigued by the young and sheltered Tsarevna and is soon in over her head, unable to stop her letting her heart lead her.

I’m currently working on hammering out a full-length synopsis, so you can expect that rather soon.

For now, here’s the cover, which is not final:




Buy my book!

My book is officially up for purchases on! Here’s the link:

Another way to find it is to search Lulu publishing, scroll down until you find it and enter my name, Ellen Niarhos, into the search bar.

I get a little part of the profits from each book sold. They cost $16 each, not including shipping rates.

Here the cover and synopsis:



Two countries at war.
A King and a Queen.

Amalia-Louise Lanning is the less than prized daughter of the murdered former Commander of His Majesties Imperial Army.

Amalia is devoted to her people and her little sister, Ruby, completely wrapped up in rising in the ranks of the army.

Finally, she wins a coveted position of General, bestowed upon her by the King, Augustus.

After being chosen by Augustus to become his Caption of the Gaurd, she is whisked away to the Adaykean Royal Palace, living a treasured life among the rich, full of pretty dresses and jewels.

With the looming threat of Qorekan and it’s power hungry vengeful Queen, Sibyl, breathing down her neck, Amalia must decide who to trust.

Her family or the crown?



Writing Update!

I’m at 32K!!! I’m only about just half way with this book, but it’s progressing so well. This is the first book I’ve writing with an outline written before and I kinda like how it’s helping.

I’ve always been more of a pantser than a planner, but decided to give outlines a try and really like it so far.

In other wordy news, I started two new WIPS this week and omg! I’m not ready. The words are really flowing on one of them.

Also, my fantastic Pinterest board is helping sooo much. Feel free to check it out.