Buy my book!

My book is officially up for purchases on! Here’s the link:

Another way to find it is to search Lulu publishing, scroll down until you find it and enter my name, Ellen Niarhos, into the search bar.

I get a little part of the profits from each book sold. They cost $16 each, not including shipping rates.

Here the cover and synopsis:



Two countries at war.
A King and a Queen.

Amalia-Louise Lanning is the less than prized daughter of the murdered former Commander of His Majesties Imperial Army.

Amalia is devoted to her people and her little sister, Ruby, completely wrapped up in rising in the ranks of the army.

Finally, she wins a coveted position of General, bestowed upon her by the King, Augustus.

After being chosen by Augustus to become his Caption of the Gaurd, she is whisked away to the Adaykean Royal Palace, living a treasured life among the rich, full of pretty dresses and jewels.

With the looming threat of Qorekan and it’s power hungry vengeful Queen, Sibyl, breathing down her neck, Amalia must decide who to trust.

Her family or the crown?