Let me tell you about my new WIP!

I’ve started working on a WIP again that I took a break from in early 2016. It’s a high fantasy novel that I very meticulously outline but never really felt any motivation to write when I finished outlining it. Recently, I started writing two other projects and need to take a step back to regain some inspiration, so I started working on this old WIP again. I call it Shades of Magic (just for now, of course) mostly for aesthetic reasons. It is a collection of six novellas that are all connected with the last novella.

I’m back at outlining, because this time apart has made me change my mind about parts of the plot. The first novella is called Five Ice and centers around the Ice Temple and their young seer, Eadda.

I’m so excited to be back at writing this book and will most likely work on it during Camp NanoWrimo so I can feel more motivated to finish it this time around. I’m going to be sharing a few details about this project with all you wonderful people. Feel free to comment your thoughts! I’d like to hear from you guys! Also, here’s the pinterest board for SOM. Keep scrolling for more info 🙂

  1. First line of my new WIP?

“I stood on the mountaintop, surveying my surroundings. My rich brown hair was tucked under my hood, my cape flapping in the cold, morning air.”

  1. Two things I can’t write without?

Food and music

  1. Describe my WIP in three words?

Magic, disaster and romance

  1. Name of my MC?


  1. Age? Hair color? Eye color?

17, Dark brown, Brown (lots of shameless self insert here guys)

  1. Special gifts/powers?

Eadda is a seer/priestess at Temple Ice

  1. Title?

The entire book is titled Shades of Magic but has six separate books within it. Each is set at a different temple and it all comes together in the last book. The first book is titled Five Ice

  1. Cover?

Yep and it’s gorgeous!

  1. Synopsis?

Working on it 🙂


Writing Update: FIHV title and cover reveal!

Recently, I’ve been working on a new WIP and I’m super excited about it. Tentatively titled Fire In Her Veins, it can best be described at Frozen meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

Keep reading to learn more about FIHV and to see the cover.

The main character: bisexual. 17. Very shy. Skilled with her affinity. Determined to find her parents murder.

The story:  Frozen (with a twist) meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Few people have affinities (fire, water, earth and air) and my MC is one of them. Murder, romance and magical powers.

The love interest: pansexual. 18. Very confident in herself and her abilities. Loves being on the sea and controlling the CL.

The most difficult and easiest parts to write: The most difficult part of writing this book has been finding my MC’s voice (Safiya). The easiest part has been the world building and character backstories. That’s the one thing I love about fantasy. I can completely create my own world.

The central plot:

Safiya has a secret.

Safiya has always had an affinity for fire, a gift her parents have always treasured and protected.

A gift many others would rather kill her for.

One fateful night, her home is attacked and her parents killed.

She is raised by her grandmother, who acts as regent in her granddaughter’s stead.

Just as she is to be presented as Queen and married off to a man who could care less for her, her affinity is revealed. Saf flees her home, only to be caught by a band of rogue pirates.

She meets their captain, the very alluring Juliana, who decides to hold her for ransom. Knowing her grandmother will never pay her ransom, no matter the love she holds for her only grandchild, she strikes a deal with Juliana, promising her servitude in exchange for her absolute freedom.

She must hide her affinity, for fear of death, but finds this isn’t easy with all the prying eyes.

She must decide what is more important, her freedom or her throne.


“Do you think your parents wanted to trade you?” Juliana asked me, placing a gentle hand on the small of my back.

“I don’t know. I don’t think. Even if they wanted to, my grandmother would never have let them. She understood what my affinity meant, my parents didn’t. It was one of the reasons I was always secluded. No one would let their children near me” I said, head still in hands.”

Fire In Her (2)