Writing Update!

Now that I’m working on book #4 and #5 and editing my other three books, I’ve begun to think about my next step in my writing career.

I’m going to start by working on edits and printing off copies of my manuscript to ease the editing process.

My sister is actually going to help me with edits, going through the book for me a few times. She’s going to help me edit QON and THE TSARINA.

I’m currently working on drafting and writing my current two projects, a historical fantasy and a Sci-Fi fantasy. I’m not very far along in either, but I’m chronicling my progress on my Instagram (@ellentalksbooks), Twitter (@ellentalksbooks), and my Tumblr (@ellenniarhos). If you’d like to add my on Snapchat, feel free to do so (ellenniarhos).

Thanks for reading! Check out my Pinterest Board for my Sci-Fi project 🙂