Writing Update 10/8/17

Hello all! This week has been a busy one for me and, as such, I haven’t nearly enough time to write as much as I want to. I’ve had birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings, and receptions. I got home at nearly half past midnight last night and went straight to bed.

I’m back to writing today and will be working on my newest WIP aka book #5! I’m still outlining, having just finished outlining part one. I’m still working on The Daughter of Cerridwen, but much more slowly, as I’m still revising draft five. A few days ago, I made an order for a professionally printed version of my manuscript and it should be here on Wednesday. I’ll definitely be posting about it as soon as it arrives.

I’ll be using this printed edition to make a few notes, add them into the doc., and then passing the book off to some family and friends to read, hopefully more friends than family.

I am taking a little bit of a break from TDOC, mostly because I feel like I need a breather from the story and characters. For now, I’ll be focusing on this new WIP. All you need to know is this: Three sisters, two brothers (one a little evil), one murder. It’s a YA Fantasy, but with little to no magic, unlike TDOC, which is chock full of magic. It is title, but  I’m keeping the title close for now, but here’s a hint. RRW is the “title”. Any guesses?

I am planning on trying to complete the outline before I start writing, but it’s so hard! My Pinterest board is full of amazing pictures that are giving me so much inspiration and I just want to write the entire book. Most of the pictures are stills/GIFs from ‘The White Princess’,  a show about Elizabeth of York, who gives me major vibes for my MC. I’ve included two pictures of the actress in costume below and it’s amazing!


That’s all for this update. Thanks so much for reading and enjoying hearing me blather on about my writing! Stay tuned for the next update!


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