Revision Update 3/18/18

Happy Sunday!

So, revisions are going…alright. I’m about 1K from hitting 10K in this round of revision, focusing mostly on grammar, word choice for now, making a few little plot changes here and there, as I write. At this point in draft 8, I only had 6K, and I now have 8K.

This week I started rewriting THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN aka draft #9 and it’s taking soooo freaking long. I really love this story a lot and it only needs about one or two drafts until it’s completely query ready!

I’ve set  A HAZY SHADE OF WINTER to the side for now, at least until the AMM Round 4 mentee picks are announced April 6th. Until I know whether or not I’ve been chosen, I’m taking a break from AHSoW, but I definitely plan to come back to it, whether I get chosen or not.

For now, THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN is my priority, as well as two other projects I’m plotting/outlining, both of them being YA High Fantasies.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!