Writing/Revision Update 3/24/18 (With More News!)

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! Got back from work a few hours ago and already getting to work on QUEEN OF THE THOUSANDFOLD!

As I previously announced, I’m going to be self-publishing QotT, mostly for my family and friends, though the novel will be available to the general public for purchase. I mainly want to give an update on my writing progress for my family, as well as those close to me who’ve expressed interest in reading some of my work. I want to show how I’ve improved my writing since July 2016, which is the latest work most of my family members and friends have read.

More information will be released soon, as it becomes available, like the cover and the release date of the book itself. I’m hoping to release it early to mid this summer, so I’ll have to finish drafting and get to revising within the next month or so.

As soon as I finish drafting, I’ll put out the call for beta readers. I’ll specifically be looking for people who are good with quick turnarounds for edits, etc.

I’ve already set up a Goodreads page for the novel, with the synopsis I just finished refining today. If you want to take a look at that, I’ll drop the link down below for anyone interested.



Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!