Hey all! Long time no post, huh? I’ve been super busy drafting and revising multiple project these last two weeks and I’ve still got a little ways to go.

I’m actually looking for a serious, long-term beta reader for my YA High Fantasy, THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN, which is heavily inspired by Celtic/Welsh myths and legends and is perfect for fans of MTV’s THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES.

TDoC is currently on it’s ninth draft and is very nearly query ready, but I’m giving it one more pass myself and would also really like to have at least one or maybe two pairs of fresh eyes on the manuscript.

I’m looking for someone who I can’t work with long-term, who is willing to devote a lot time to help me polish this project for the summer/early fall (June-early September), can work well with quick turnarounds for edits/revisions, isn’t afraid to tell me something isn’t working plot/character/story wise, and is trustworthy and reliable for deadlines, etc.

If you fit at least two of these criteria, please feel free to message me, because you never know if we might be able to make something work for the both of us.

Here’s the small (super) rough synopsis I just wrote up:

Stolen from her family at the tender age of four, Ashara is believed to be the last  Mage within the kingdom of Leera. She is raised in his unforgiving court, full of betrayal and deceit and is believed to be the child an old prophecy, known only as the Prophecy of Cerridwen, speaks of. Fearing total destruction at the hands of the child, the king steals her away to twist and warp her growing magic to his advantage.

Nearly fourteen years later, Ashara is anything but content, with the roaming hands and eyes of the king she is sworn to, her magic stifled and her morale low. Everything begins to change, though, when an old friend arrive back at the palace after five long years away and a past friendship is rekindled and passion and lust ignited. Ashara unknowingly plays a game, at the complete mercy of the king she is sworn to.

After all, she is only an unwitting player in a much larger game, a mere chess piece in the king’s pursuit for the total annihilation of all magical people within his kingdom.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!By ellen niarhos