I will officially stop posting writing updates here and instead transition to a new blog, this one purely for writing!

I’ll still periodically be posting here, just nothing to do with writing really. I really felt like I needed a fresh start for my writing updates, and a more neat, clean page that’s not cluttered with other various posts not having to do with writing.

Here’s the link if you wanna give me a follow!

If you’re only here for the writing updates, good news for you! I’ll also be trying to more consistently post writing updates, as well as provide other writing related posts, like posting on my outlining process, my drafting process, my revision process, etc.

More news on all of that soon, but thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update, on the new blog!!!



Hey all! Long time no post, huh? I’ve been super busy drafting and revising multiple project these last two weeks and I’ve still got a little ways to go.

I’m actually looking for a serious, long-term beta reader for my YA High Fantasy, THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN, which is heavily inspired by Celtic/Welsh myths and legends and is perfect for fans of MTV’s THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES.

TDoC is currently on it’s ninth draft and is very nearly query ready, but I’m giving it one more pass myself and would also really like to have at least one or maybe two pairs of fresh eyes on the manuscript.

I’m looking for someone who I can’t work with long-term, who is willing to devote a lot time to help me polish this project for the summer/early fall (June-early September), can work well with quick turnarounds for edits/revisions, isn’t afraid to tell me something isn’t working plot/character/story wise, and is trustworthy and reliable for deadlines, etc.

If you fit at least two of these criteria, please feel free to message me, because you never know if we might be able to make something work for the both of us.

Here’s the small (super) rough synopsis I just wrote up:

Stolen from her family at the tender age of four, Ashara is believed to be the last  Mage within the kingdom of Leera. She is raised in his unforgiving court, full of betrayal and deceit and is believed to be the child an old prophecy, known only as the Prophecy of Cerridwen, speaks of. Fearing total destruction at the hands of the child, the king steals her away to twist and warp her growing magic to his advantage.

Nearly fourteen years later, Ashara is anything but content, with the roaming hands and eyes of the king she is sworn to, her magic stifled and her morale low. Everything begins to change, though, when an old friend arrive back at the palace after five long years away and a past friendship is rekindled and passion and lust ignited. Ashara unknowingly plays a game, at the complete mercy of the king she is sworn to.

After all, she is only an unwitting player in a much larger game, a mere chess piece in the king’s pursuit for the total annihilation of all magical people within his kingdom.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!By ellen niarhos


Hello all!

As I’ve mentioned in my last few writing/revision updates, I’m going to be self-publishing my current WIP this Summer/Fall! I’m putting it out for my family and close friends, so they can read something of mine, as many have been asking to read my new works. It will be available for the general public, so feel more than free to purchase it if you want.

I’m planning on releasing the first five chapter on WattPad and releasing the first three chapters through E Book a few days before the actual release, in case you wanted to check it out and see if you’d  be interesting in reading and purchasing the book. No pressure though!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for and the reason you probably clicked on the link to this post… the cover for QUEEN OF THE THOUSANDFOLD. Keep scrolling past the cover for a little inside info on the book and the cover.

Queen of the Thousandfold.png

My overall goal for this cover was to not only convey the idea of the book itself, but to also keep it kind of simple. I didn’t want an overly complicated cover with too much going, so I made this with Canva and I’m super happy with it! It’s the perfect color scheme and I truly think it conveys the book as a whole. Let me know what you think!

Now, here’s the synopsis!

Five sisters, borne of Night

Worship a goddess who is all but light.

Together in their Pantheon

One an unknown Chaos spawn.

The others, who must soon be gone

Three strangers who will soon be pawns.

For only when it is dawn,

Will Her Kingdom truly come.

 Naaila is the last Blood Seer alive in the Thousandfold, serving as a Sister of Night to The Pantheon, an almost palace like temple dedicated in service to Aaris, the personification of Darkness and borne of Chaos. When she begins to see terrifying visions of death, blood, and terrifying winged beasts, Naaila thinks she’s going crazy.

Soon, a strange, unwelcome group of Nomads ends up at the Pantheon doorstep, Naaila begins to take a special interest in one; Elias. With one, accidental touch, she sees his entire future, but something about it intrigues her. She sees herself, entangled in his near future.

As she toes the dangerous line between reality and the horrific future she has foreseen, the Blood Seer must navigate love, lust, loyalty, and betrayal.

I’m super excited to get this book out into the world for my family and friends, and whoever else chooses to buy the book. I mainly wanted to put something in my family and friends hands that represented 2018 Ellen’s writing progress, as the only other writing I have out publicly is from 2016. I’ve really improved since then and want to show my family, most importantly, but also my friends.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!

Writing/Revision Update 3/24/18 (With More News!)

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! Got back from work a few hours ago and already getting to work on QUEEN OF THE THOUSANDFOLD!

As I previously announced, I’m going to be self-publishing QotT, mostly for my family and friends, though the novel will be available to the general public for purchase. I mainly want to give an update on my writing progress for my family, as well as those close to me who’ve expressed interest in reading some of my work. I want to show how I’ve improved my writing since July 2016, which is the latest work most of my family members and friends have read.

More information will be released soon, as it becomes available, like the cover and the release date of the book itself. I’m hoping to release it early to mid this summer, so I’ll have to finish drafting and get to revising within the next month or so.

As soon as I finish drafting, I’ll put out the call for beta readers. I’ll specifically be looking for people who are good with quick turnarounds for edits, etc.

I’ve already set up a Goodreads page for the novel, with the synopsis I just finished refining today. If you want to take a look at that, I’ll drop the link down below for anyone interested.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!

Writing/Revision Update 3/20/18

Hello everyone!I’ve  got some awesome writing news to share, as well as a few updates on all my current WIPs!

First, the updates!

THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN: Hit 14K and almost to 15K!

A HAZY SHADE OF WINTER: Complete at approximately 86,000 words. I’ve set AHSoW to the side for now, after submitting to AMM Round 4.

TEOV: Still plotting/outling

QOTT: Still plotting and outlining


Now onto the bookish news!

I’ve decided to self-publish another book before I officially start querying agents later this year. I plan on self-publishing QotT, or Queen of the Thousandfold, this Summer/Fall. I’ve tried to write this book twice before and it never worked out, but I was finally able to fix the remaining plot holes and I’m super excited about it!

queen of the thousandfold2

I’m still currently plotting/outlining the project, but do have part of chapter one written. I’m hoping to have the first draft finished in the next five or six weeks, and will be looking for beta readers as I near the ending of the first draft, in a few weeks.

I’ll be publishing the book in hardcover, complete with a dust-jacket and everything. I’m hoping for it the novel to not be more than $15 and will be doing everything I can to keep the book as cheap and affordable as possible.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!

Revision Update 3/18/18

Happy Sunday!

So, revisions are going…alright. I’m about 1K from hitting 10K in this round of revision, focusing mostly on grammar, word choice for now, making a few little plot changes here and there, as I write. At this point in draft 8, I only had 6K, and I now have 8K.

This week I started rewriting THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN aka draft #9 and it’s taking soooo freaking long. I really love this story a lot and it only needs about one or two drafts until it’s completely query ready!

I’ve set  A HAZY SHADE OF WINTER to the side for now, at least until the AMM Round 4 mentee picks are announced April 6th. Until I know whether or not I’ve been chosen, I’m taking a break from AHSoW, but I definitely plan to come back to it, whether I get chosen or not.

For now, THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN is my priority, as well as two other projects I’m plotting/outlining, both of them being YA High Fantasies.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!

Important Announcement! (Looking for a Beta Reader)

I’m looking for ONE serious beta reader! By serious, I mean someone who can devote as much time as necessary to my manuscript, someone who is good with quick turn around for revisions, and someone who will work very hard with me to make my story the absolute best it can be.

The project I’m looking for help with is THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN. It’s currently on it’s ninth draft and it now being rewritten, so I won’t send the full manuscript until the end around early to mid April. TDoC is a YA High Fantasy, heavily inspired by Celtic and Welsh mythology, and it currently runs about approximately 61,000 words, but will be increased to closer to 75-80K by the end of the rewrite, if not more.

I’m in need of help with the overall plot, as well as character arcs. Grammar is the one thing I DO NOT need help with this round, as I will be focusing on it on my own throughout the rewrite.

If the story sounds at all interesting to you and you are willing to put in the commitment to help me, as well as provide a helpful, extensive critique, please comment on this post, or find some other way to contact me, and make sure to let me know you’re interested. Feel free to privately PM me your personal info (name, email, etc.). I will get back in contact with you and send you the link to a Google Docs. Form for you to fill out. I’m going to give it a day or two and then pick one applicant out of all who entered, and contact them to let them now.

I’m planning on querying with this manuscript this summer and need to give the project at least one or two more rounds of revision, and need a fresh set of eyes for the new draft of the project.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!


Writing/Revision Update 3/16/18

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday!

I wanted to compile a list of all my current WIP, etc. for all of you, so you guys know exactly what I’m currently working on. Here we go!

  1. A HAZY SHADE OF WINTER- Complete at approximately 86,000 words. I entered this project into AMM Round 4 and have set it aside for now, until mentor picks are announced on April 16th.
  2. THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN- Draft Eight complete at approximately 61,000. Currently working on completely rewriting/revising Draft Nine. I plan to query agents with this project, possibly this Summer.
  3. THE EMPRESS OF VALERA- A Work in Progress. Currently drafting this YA Fantasy, which is a twisted Romeo and Juliet re-imagining.
  4. UNTITLED SFF- A Work in Progress. Currently drafting/outlining/plotting this untitled YA High Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Mostly working on outlining/plotting at this stage.



I’m currently focusing mostly on THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN, because it’s much farther along than the other projects. I’ve set AHSoW aside for now, until the mentor picks for AMM are announced, so I know what my next step is, etc. TDoC is actually quite close to being done/very nearly query ready. I just need to finish rewriting it, and give it a few read throughs for small grammar mistakes, plot issues, and small character arc problems.

My initial plan for TDoC is to finish rewriting it, give it a few passes on my own, maybe one or two, then hire a freelance editor to give it an intensive read through for big picture and small picture plot/character issues. I’m going to be mostly working on handling grammar on my own.

I’m actually pretty excited about this rewrite, as I quite enjoy the revision process of writing, more so than other people. There will be more updates as they become available.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update!


New WIP Announcement!

I’ve teased about a new project on Instagram a little and I’m here to finally officially announce it! It’s not a novel, but it is sort of related to that, in a way.

Basically, it’s a collection of all the bookish aesthetics I’ve ever made and posted for all of my writing projects! This includes THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN, A HAZY SHADE OF WINTER, A CROWN STAINED WITH BLOOD, and my brand new WIP, THE EMPRESS OF VALERA.

Each project has it’s own section, with a little information about the project, including a synopsis and sometimes a little information about the characters, then a few aesthetics for the project.

It’s going to be somewhere around 40 or 50 pages long and I’m super excited about it. I’ve already finished putting it together, and am going to order a proof copy to take a look at it. If I like what I see, I’ll be making it public within the next few weeks. At this time, it’s just about $10, and that’s not including tax and shipping costs.

Here’s the cover for the project. Hope you enjoy!

A collection of Aesthetics