I’ve been asked many writing questions on my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr and I’m here to answer them all!

  1. How do I outline so fast and so easily?

I’ve written three books and am currently working on my fourth. For those first three books, I was definitely a pantser. I would just open a document and go for it. I would plan during or after the first draft was done and this was horrible for me. With my fourth book, I outlined the entire 61 chapter novel (my longest book to date!) before even making and titling the document. This has really helped me in writing this particular novel and it’s been working so far. Another question I got was how did I settle on one idea and go with it. I don’t focus on figuring out what I want for the first draft of the outline. I decide on those things the second time rereading the outline. I really settle on a specific idea when drafting for the first time. I just go with whatever makes the most sense, whatever moves the story along in a positive way. The best advice I can give is to plan ahead of time. I plan my whole month out in advance, in terms of writing mostly. It helps me stay on track for writing a particular project.

2. How do I write so fast?

Many authors would say not to, but I personally prefer to write/work on something novel related everyday. Where it’s putting words down in my manuscript, working on the an outline, making a Pinterest board, or writing a synopsis, I do it! I don’t always write everyday, but usually every other day. I also have a few techniques to keep me motivated. Again, I schedule everything in advance.

I cover the word count, so not to focus on it. I cover it and I write for an hour, not letting it distract me. I can usually write anywhere from 500-1000 words at a time by doing this. I also listen to music, like my apple music or any of my Spotify playlists. I also love watching a movie, TV,  or a YouTube video when I write. I love background noise and distractions whenever I write. I’ve been binging lots of shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, like Merlin, A:TLA, LoK, VLD season three and Miraculous Ladybug.

I also recommend setting specific writing goals for yourself. I prefer to set weekly writing goals to hit each Friday before I go to bed.

3. What are you working on now?

I am currently rewriting the fifth draft a novel heavily inspired by Celtic and Welsh mythology. It is titled THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN and I am also drafting another secret project that’s sort of a thriller and is going to be a short story. I’m focusing all of my attention on TDOC novel right now and hope to query with it in the very near future.

4. What is your writing process like?

I have become very much of a planner recently and start by outlining and then go for the first draft. I try to do something book related everyday to keep myself motivated, whether that be writing, making Pinterest boards, working on character bios, or working a synopsis for my novel. Working on something related to my current WIP keeps me fully immersed in the world and keeps the creative juices flowing.

5. Best writing advice I’ve ever received?

Just write something. You can’t edit a blank page. And always celebrate the small victories in your writing.

6. How would you pitch/explain your novel?