My Books

  1. Bound by Blood and Written in the Stars. This is a fictional, young adult fantasy novel. It was published January 2017 from Lulu Publishing and is on sale now!


In editing:

    1. Queens of Nightfall. This is a fictional, young adult fantasy novel. Full synopsis coming soon. This is a companion novel to BBBAWITS.


2. The Tsarina

A historical fantasy, this is a alternative Russian Revolution story.

3. The Last Queen of Carrion

Barely a month ago, Princess Aimmenthe of Carrion was bartered away by her father to pay a debt to a foreign King, King Julian, the boy King of the Northshore. Dead-set on defying her new-found husband in any way she can, Aimmenthe both ignores and rebuffs any attempt he makes to capture her attention, whether it be with dinner or jewels. Both are all too aware that they have been set up in unwanted arranged marriage, unwanted on one side only.

However, the eventual inevitability of falling for the King is not Aimmenthe’s immediate concern. She has to contend with her scheming, power consumed father, King Petyr of Carrion, but it will take all the skills she possesses. The newly crowned Queen of the Northshore is not as helpless as she may seem.   Aimmenthe will never let her father take the Northshore; she will be his only roadblock to getting everything he has worked for. But to do so, she’ll have to outmaneuver not only her father and younger, power hungry brother James, but also the countrymen she once called friends. With her delicate mother and her countries future at the center of the war, Aimmenthe must make tough calls, possibly endangering everything that she cares about.

Married off only so she could gain control of Julian’s heart and throne, Aimmenthe must finally decide what is more important to her, family or love. But little do Aimmenthe and Julian know, the scheming king they both fear may control more chess pieces than they think.

It’s chess for three on a board where every move masks a lie in THE LAST QUEEN OF CARRION, a fantasy with the cutthroat artful court of REIGN set in the opulent-laden world of LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE.


5. Untitled book #2

6. Untitled book #3

7. Untitled novella #1

8. Untitled novella #2

9. Untitled novella #3