My Books


  1. Bound by Blood and Written in the Stars. This is a fictional, young adult fantasy novel. It was published January 2017 from Lulu Publishing.


In editing:

    1. Queens of Nightfall. This is a fictional, young adult fantasy novel. Full synopsis coming soon.


2. Five Ice. YA high fantasy


3. Hologram Queen (working title)

It’s a F/F fantasy/Dystopian romance based on the conspiracy of the Romanov family.

Here’s a little info on my MC’s

First, we have Tsarevna Rhiannon, the lone survivor of her family’s brutal murder. She is about to ascend the throne of Velera as Empress. She is lonely, only surrounded my advisors and such. Her only solace are the three female attendants she is allowed just before her ascension. She becomes close to one, Evelyn, forming a fast friendship with her that blossoms into something more.

Next, we have Evelyn, the young and lonely attendant to soon-to-be Empress Rhiannon. She is intrigued by the young and sheltered Tsarevna and is soon in over her head, unable to stop her letting her heart lead her.