Current Completed and Ongoing Projects

  1. Bound by Blood and Written in the Stars. This is a fictional, young adult fantasy novel. It was published January 2017 from Lulu Publishing and is on sale now!


In editing:

    1. Queens of Nightfall. This is a fictional, young adult fantasy novel. Full synopsis coming soon. This is a companion novel to BBBAWITS.


2. The Tsarina

A historical fantasy, this is a alternative Russian Revolution story.


THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN is a YA high fantasy novel about a broken girl, a long lost friend and an evil king. It is inspired by Welsh and Celtic myths and legends. It can best be explained as The Shannara Chronicles meets Shadow and Bone.

It’s currently in its fifth draft, with nearly 55K words. I plan to polish it up by the end of December, with the help of my amazing betas, and begin to query the manuscript in either January or February. I cannot wait to share it with all of you! I even have the first chapter posted here on this blog, so go check it out on the home page.


4. The Girl of Fire and Iron / The Kingdom of Ash and Bone

Previously titled BOUND BY BLOOD AND WRITTEN IN THE STARS and QUEENS OF NIGHTFALL, they are being reedited and will be re-released in early to mid 2018 with new titles and synopsis’. ‘The Girl of Fire and Iron’ (BBBAWITS) will be republished first (release date is currently undecided) and is currently up on Goodreads to add to your shelves. It is currently planned to be published in hardcover with the new title.

There will be an exclusive excerpt from ‘The Kingdom of Ash and Bone’, which has never been released in any form, in the back of TGOFAI, length currently unspecified.

I’m not currently sure when TGOFAI and TKOAAB will be published, as I’m still editing on TGOFAI.



I am currently in the process of outlining and drafting this project, and will hopefully have a first draft completed by the end of January (I’m hoping for January 28th, 2018 and crossing my fingers!)

The only way I can begin to explain this manuscript is a ‘The Lion King’ retelling meets an ‘Anastasia’ retelling. I actually got the idea because of a screen shot of a Tumblr post I happened across on Pinterest. It was about a teacher who explained the events of ‘The Lion King’ (swapping out lions for humans), but with a female protagonist. The class said it sounded boring and the teacher then revealed that she had told them the entire plot of ‘The Lion King’, but with a female protagonist instead of a male protagonist. The posts ends but letting the user know that the class had voted ‘The Lion King’ as their favorite movie on days previous.

I thought that that actually sounded like a good idea for a YA novel, but I knew I’d need to spin my own twist on the classical tale to make it original. I added the element of ‘Anastasia’ only as I began to outline, mostly because of the lost princess, murdered family, cute LI aspect the book was beginning to take. I’m a big fan of both films and wanted to incorporate both.

Taking a step back and looking at each synopsis/plot, I realized they sounded quite similar, one entirely fictional, the other based on real life events and people, with with a magical twist. They both start off happy, but then a parent(s)/ family member dies because of an old family friend/or family member. Both include protagonists that flee their homes and grow up away from their remaining family. They are prompted to reunite with family and go back home by their future love interest and overthrow the evil antagonist (evil uncle or evil magician) and reclaim their throne, as well as get together with their love interest.

In this project, I combine those two stories, but add in some original plot lines and tropes to make it my own. I currently have nearly 19K and am still outlining part one, before I move onto part two. Though I haven’t finish outlining part one or begun outlining part two, I know exactly how the book will end and how book two (YES, book two) will start.


I’ll be posting updates on this project in future blog posts, as well on updates on THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN, which is in it’s eighth draft. I’m still waiting on one last beta to get back to me and then I’ll get back on the revision train.