My Books

  1. Bound by Blood and Written in the Stars. This is a fictional, young adult fantasy novel. It was published January 2017 from Lulu Publishing and is on sale now!


In editing:

    1. Queens of Nightfall. This is a fictional, young adult fantasy novel. Full synopsis coming soon. This is a companion novel to BBBAWITS.


2. The Tsarina

A historical fantasy, this is a alternative Russian Revolution story.


THE DAUGHTER OF CERRIDWEN is a YA high fantasy novel about a broken girl, a long lost friend and an evil king. It is inspired by Welsh and Celtic myths and legends. It can best be explained as The Shannara Chronicles meets Shadow and Bone.

It’s currently in its fifth draft, with nearly 55K words. I plan to polish it up by the end of December, with the help of my amazing betas, and begin to query the manuscript in either January or February. I cannot wait to share it with all of you! I even have the first chapter posted here on this blog, so go check it out on the home page.