Writing Update 10-15-17

Hello everybody! So, today I didn't do much writing, as I was busy as the Southern Festival of Books in Downtown Nashville. Right now, it's almost eight pm and I'm attempting to work on my secret WIP, which is a MG Fantasy. I've always wanted to write a Middle Grade and almost did write one … Continue reading Writing Update 10-15-17


Writing Update 10/14/17

Hello everyone! So, I don't really have any specific updates, but I do want to share some writing playlists of mine with all of you. (Keep scrolling for more!) https://open.spotify.com/user/eniarhos-us/playlist/0TkrR9vZ2fvtiNX2LZEcBe This is a smaller scale playlist and I'll soon be making a large scale playlist. This is the playlist I listen to when writing/editing/revising TDOC. … Continue reading Writing Update 10/14/17