Writing Updates!

Because all I seem to be posting as of late are writing updates, I decided to make a page dedicated to updates on all my writing projects!


Today, I began to work on a project I dropped last year. I posted the first ten chapters on Wattpad and got almost 300 views, so I decided to continue work on it because of the positive reception..

I actually named one of the three main characters after Laure Eve and she was very happy about it.

I also continued work on book #4 and #5 and worked on reading through what I’ve written so far and making some notes.

I post a lot of behind the scenes pictures and videos on my Instagram (ellentalksbooks), my Twitter (ellentalksbooks), and Tumblr (ellenwritesbooks).

I also sometimes post on my YouTube channel, Ellen Niarhos, but not very often.

More writing updates to come!



Hello again all! It’s been quite awhile since I posted a writing update.

I’m currently working on three projects.

  1. EOTU- A sci-fi fantasy
  2. LPOC- A historical fantasy
  3. WTBW- A historical fantasy

I’m also working on editing a few other projects, like my first historical fantasy, THE TSARINA. I’m also rewriting my very first novel, currently self published. It’s titled Bound by Blood and Written in the Stars.