And I Darken Book Review!

Can I start off and say bless this book! I was in an intense two month reading slump before picking up this wonderful book.

It took me longer than usual to finish this book, but I persevered and am so glad I did.

I loved the interesting triangle between Lada, Radu and Mehmed so incredibly much. Lada and Radu relationship was a really tried and tested, but you could definitely see that deep down they both loved and valued each other over everyone else.

I liked the timeline as well. It was cool that the story covered from their births to young adulthood.

My favorite part was the ending where Lada said she was no longer the daughter of a dragon, she was the dragon.

I was like yaaaas, you go girl, all independent! I love how she didn’t end up with anybody and was able to stay strong and depend on herself and her brother.

Now, let’s talk cover. I brought this book with me to school and got a lot of comments on the cover.

I got comments on the beautiful lavender purple color, the flowers and the sharp spear ready to stab someone.

Overall, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. This book blew my mind! 2532411125324111